Jean Guillet

Rennes, France


Hi! I'm a french business school student, interested in new technologies, and product management.

I'm currently spending my last year of master abroad, in McGill University 🇨🇦. In my spare time, I take photos, do video editing, and code stuff in Python. I recently thought I'd put up this simple website to tell a little bit more about me.

My past experiences?

I was a Product intern at MyTraffic from January to July 2019, where I took part in the development of a new location intelligence SaaS, and also helped releasing In the meantime, I started using Python for scraping and scripting purposes, and got to play with geocoding REST APIs.
I also worked as a CRM and Merchandising intern at ManoMano from June to November 2018. There, I learnt to create targeted emailing campaigns, built HTML emails with, and monitoring dashboards with SQL and Metabase.
Before that, I worked for 3 months as a motion design intern for TargetFirst, and a marketing intern at Galbani.

What do I like to work on?

I enjoy working on web products with marketers, developers and designers, discussing UX/UI issues, automating stuff with APIs and scripts to work smarter, projects that enable me to learn new tools, and eventually code by myself.

Want to reach out to me?

You can email me at
Also I'm on LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr and Facebook.

How did I code this website?

This static website is built using Python, Flask and Bootstrap. It was made static thanks to Frozen-Flask, and I make the deploys to Netlify servers. Coming from a commercial background, this project made it possible for me to play with several web technologies, and push my web development skills further.
As a matter of facts, I believe that even non-tech profiles should have a good technical understanding of their environment. You feel the same? Great, Let's talk about it!

That's all folks ;)